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Due to the current situation with Covid it has given us time as a school to re-evaluate what we do and what we can do better. We have been very busy creating our Patch Programme and ready to launch soon. This programme will help ALL children move forward under these challenging times while giving them a focus of what they can achieve.

There is 5 patches in this programme. The first patch is given to you at commencement of the Patch Programme. There is an additions 4 patches to earn over the coming weeks or months depending on how everyone is progresses. The 4th badge is a gold star badge and the focus on this badge will be an individual challenge based on each child’s capability.

We have learned children love a challenge while having fun and love to have something to focus on. The reward at the end is they will have a completed Class Patch to wear in pride or frame as the reminder of the work they have achieved over the past number of months.

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