BackgroundAbout our class

BackgroundAbout our class

The Mary Grimes School of Irish Dancing offers so much more than just Irish Dancing lessons. We think of our school as our dance family. A lot of our students have started with us as toddlers and are still with us now as adults. These students go on to have life long friends, not just within our school, but also within the wider Irish Dance and Music Community. We have a great social side within our school, which we believe is the number one priority while doing what we love.

We are very luck to have such an amazing team of fully qualified and dedicated teachers at our school. Each bringing so much diversity and enthusiasm to the school. Our teachers work closely with all our students to ensure that each student reaches their full potential. The school encourages every student to pursue and participate in all opportunities within Irish Dancing.

Some of our class highlights over recent year’s have been performing for the Pope’s visit, being part of the Riverdance dance-a -ton, performing at Disney Land Paris and numerous performances and shows.

Our class ethos is never to put too much pressure on a student as every child progresses at their own pace. We work very closely with the parents to ensure each child gets exactly what the child wants and needs from our class.

At the Mary Grimes School of Irish Dancing it’s all about the children. It is a pleasure to watch them growing up with confidence, happiness and watch their personality shine through. We look forward to welcoming you to our dance family.

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